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DIY Fabric Bags and Sewing Project Ideas

Do you want to start a new sewing project but you’re not really sure which one? This is a collection from all bags I made and posted on my old blog and Deviantart page (that’s why you can see the old website address on the pics). I hope you get inspired by them! In case you do, don’t forget to show me your work!

Tote Bags

There is no reason why you shouldn’t be cute even when going groceries shopping! I learned how to sew the simple ones with Aranzi Aronzo books, and the lined ones watching tutorials from You Tube and Pinterest. They are the easiest model to stat with if you don’t know how to sew.

karen tiemy bag vintage rosa pink brown shabby chic romantickaren tiemy tote bag bunny cute felt kawaii shopping ecobag pinkkaren tiemy tote bag loralie canvas stencil craft


Simplicity Patterns has been around for more than 90 years, and you can find lots of different models not only for bags, but also for clothing and accessories in general.

Maybe these models are not suitable if you are a real beginner in sewing, but they’ve got plenty of patterns for all levels and needs.

karen tiemy patchwork bag diy owl simplicitypatchwork bag diy simplicity flowers (2)

 Windmill Patchwork Bag

I promise I’ll post the tutorial for this bag… one day 😛 I got the pattern in an old patchwork magazine, but it’s in a lost box in the middle of my mom’s house…

karen tiemy fabric bag polka dot cute country chicken felt patchwork


Zipped pouch

I’m not a big fan of sewing zippers, to be honest. This was my first attempt at it, I guess it can be a nice practice exercise until you get used to it.

felt applique monster small pouch polka dots

Cartonnage Fabric-covered Travel Cases

These French cartonnage cases are adorable and sturdy, ideal to carry your makeup or even fragile items. You can choose your favorite fabric pattern and assemble it according to instructions that come with the kit, or if you need an extra challenge, you can make your own from scratch.

matrioska bag fabric purse cutebrown pink karen tiemy bag handbag hat travel case cute kawaii lolitapolka dot bag handbag karen tiemy cute vintage pinup

Casserole Carrier

You can find the tutorial and pattern for this project here.

karen tiemy patchwork bag diy owl simplicity plaid cute kawaii

Drawstring bag

That’s another very easy project por beginners, and you can make them in coordinated colors, in different sizes, with or without appliques, anything you desire! They’re also great last-minute gifts 😉

karen tiemy drawstring bag bear cute felt kawaii

Clothespin holder

And after everything you’ve seen and done, you’ll have plenty of scraps laying around… But don’t throw them away! You can sew a nifty clothespin holder, because I bet they are in a horrible plastic bag at the moment, or somewhere even worse!


So, what’s your next project?





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