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Christmas DIY idea – Origami Tree

kusudama venus christmas tree origami diy ideas craft


I came up with this idea a couple of years ago. I needed something fast, cute and affordable to give my co-workers, something that was handmade and that could also be used to make the office a little bit more Christmas-sy. I’ve looked for many possibilities, but many origami Christmass trees would take too many steps and it would take me too long to fold all of them (I needed to make around 30 of these). Then I remembered that I had already toyed with the idea the year before, so I went on with it and added the paper tag with the “Happy Holidays”. You can use regular origami paper for this project, but scrapbooking paper will make it a bit sturdier. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any glitter at home back then, but I guess it would also be a nice touch.

It just occurred to me that this model would look lovely as a place card on your next Christmas dinner, don’t you think?

paper tree origami diy craft ideas pine instructions


  • Scrapbooking paper from Tedi , 15 cm squares
  • Yellow copy paper for the starts, 1 x 30 cm strips
  • Tag and wings paper punches from EK Success
  • Font from 1001 fonts (sorry, I can’t remember the name)


Kusudama Venus Module

kusudama venus christmas tree origami diy ideas craft

Paper Strip Star

origami star paper strip cute kawaii easy

Video instructions:


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