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Fabric Origami Ideas – Wallet, card holder, bookmarker and more

What is Fabric Origami?

Fabric origami, sometimes also called Orinuno, it’s just like origami, but instead of using paper, you can create animals, shapes and accessories using fabric. One of the advantages is that it’s durable, and you can even make it waterproof with Mod Podge if you want to. There are many possibilities to create.

Many people have already seen fabric origami using napkins, in hotels, fancy events or wedding parties. What I like to do is a bit different, you need to starch the fabric beforehand. 100% cotton fabric is ideal, and it’s a good idea to keep an iron at arms’ lenght 🙂 A bone folder can also be very useful.

For some time I played, created and adapted different accessories, such as origami wallets, coin purses, bookmarks and card holders. I released a DVD in Brazil (sorry, Portuguese version only), but I hope the pics below can inspire you all.



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