how to make a kirigami pop up flower card paper instruction tutorial

How to make a Kirigami Pop Up Flower Card

how to make a kirigami pop up flower card paper instruction tutorial

Ever wondered how to make one of those nice pop-up cards? This model is simple enough the video below is quite easy to follow. You can also try with different patterned paper, or trying to add different shades to the flower.


  • 7 pink A4 sheets for the flowers
  • 1 green A4 sheet for the card
  • Optional: A 7.5 square for the origami leaf

Video Tutorial

Fabric Origami Ideas – Wallet, card holder, bookmarker and more

What is Fabric Origami?

Fabric origami, sometimes also called Orinuno, it’s just like origami, but instead of using paper, you can create animals, shapes and accessories using fabric. One of the advantages is that it’s durable, and you can even make it waterproof with Mod Podge if you want to. There are many possibilities to create.

Many people have already seen fabric origami using napkins, in hotels, fancy events or wedding parties. What I like to do is a bit different, you need to starch the fabric beforehand. 100% cotton fabric is ideal, and it’s a good idea to keep an iron at arms’ lenght 🙂 A bone folder can also be very useful.

For some time I played, created and adapted different accessories, such as origami wallets, coin purses, bookmarks and card holders. I released a DVD in Brazil (sorry, Portuguese version only), but I hope the pics below can inspire you all.


vintage wooden box diy ideas scrapbooking craft shabby chic (2)

DIY Vintage Boxes

Seriously, I love boxes! Besides being useful, that can be part of your decor and it’s also a blank canvas where you can do anything! It’s always fun to decorate them with paper, buttons, ribbons, lace, tags and so on. These are some ideas that were first published on my old blog.





The patterned paper is from DCWV, but the ribbons, rickrack, buttons, lave, doilies, paint, stencils, stickers, tags and the like were all collected in thrift shops and stationary shops, without any specific brand.


Modular Origami – Kusudama – Arabesque

This kusudama was invented by Mio Tsugawa, and it’s one of my favorite models. I like the way it’s curly and see-through at the same time. It was made using 30 modules, but you can do it with 12 as well.

These projects were originally published at  and .

arabesque kusudama karen tiemy origami


arabesque karen tiemy kusudama origami

You can buy this patterned paper at Gana Presentes.

kusudama origami karen tiemy arabesque


Tutorial / instructions:


DIY Shabby Chic Decor Ideas

What is Shabby Chic?

Shabby chic is a style of interior design where furniture and decor ostensibly show signs of wear and tear and age. The style started in the UK and evokes the style of old large country houses, being elegant, bohemian, romantic and vintage at the same time.

What to use on your projects:

Use and abuse of motifs of flowers, birds, butterflies… and more flowers. Choose distressed pastel colors such as antique rose, lavender, mint, white, gray, butter and pale blue. Also, swirls and twirls galore!

The projects below were all originally published on my old website.

Vintage Bird Cage

It was originally just a white metal cage. I added the ribbons, paper and foam flowers, peacock feathers and the cute little bird 🙂

shabby chic vintage bird cage 1.jpg

Craft Organizer Cabinet

This wooden cabinet was sold without any finish, just like the picture below. I fell in love with it because it had 14 drawers in 3 different sizes! It was perfect to keep all my paper punches, scrapbooking embellishments, paints, buttons, ribbons and the like.

shabby chic diy craft vintage ideas floral drawer organizer

I painted it white and covered the drawers with coordinating patchwork fabric and PVA glue.

drawer craft organizer

Wooden Boxes

I LOVE creating these boxes! They are so cute, useful and a perfect canvas to try different ideas, textures and materials. I covered most of them with scrapbooking paper and used lots of buttons, die cuts, ribbons, lace, stamps, thread, doilies, stickers, gems… the list goes on and on…

Giant Card

You can’t really tell just by looking at the picture, but the card below is actually size A3 (297 x 420 mm or 11.7 x 16.5 in). It was a goodbye card to my former manager, so we needed plenty of space so everybody could leave her a message.

I used my Silhouette Cameo, scrapbooking paper, buttons, paint, vellum, doilies, spray paint and white paint to distress the borders.
giant card a3 scrapbooking shabby chic